Thursday, February 11, 2016

Jade at 5 & 6 Months!

And here's Reed's pictures to compare!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Just a couple videos about our farm...

We were featured on the local tv show "Simply Southern" this past Sunday. Here is the episode. We are about halfway through it.

Here are the top 3 finalists for "Outstanding Young Farm Family" of Alabama for 2015. We are featured first.
Hope you enjoy! :)

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Henry Reports on the Blizzard of 2016

If you don't know who Henry is, click here.
When Henry is not farming, babysitting, building houses, or shooting peacocks, he moonlights as a weather monkey. Here's his reports on our latest episode of Winter weather.
Chief Bananaologist Henry the Sock Monkey here. Just wanted to give an afternoon weather update. I have circled on the weather map the parts of Alabama that might see some storms later tonight, and the other circle indicates the places that might see 0-2" of snow. That "X" located in the Mid Atlantic, well, RIP y'all. I'm Henry the Sock Monkey reporting for MNKY 1 News.
Reporting live from the intersection of highways 278 and 75 in the Jungle Tracker 1...As you can see, we've had a soaking rain overnight and into this morning. That rain should be transitioning into snow later this afternoon. I would advise getting your errands run this morning, and all schools and businesses should close by early afternoon. No one should be on the roads after dark. Stay safe out there folks.. This has been Chief Bananaologist Henry the Sock Monkey for MNKY 1 News.
Reporting live from Snead once again...The snow showers have finally made their way to Sand Mountain, and boy are they coming down. Temperatures should stay above freezing until dark so it's not quite time to panic yet. However, it is time to break out the milk and bread everyone has hoarded like its the apocalypse. I'm Chief Bananaologist Henry the Sock Monkey reporting for nom, nom, nom, slurp.....
Chief Bananaologist Henry the Sock Monkey checking in one last time tonight from Snead. The roads have turned a bit icy and seem to have caused a fender bender between what appears to be a camper, small pickup, and a garbage truck. Two of the drivers seem to be having some words...Oh my! Is that guy missing an arm? Thankfully emergency services are now on the scene, and the icy patch has been taken care. As long as everyone stays off the roads, the rest of the night should be quiet. For MNKY 1 News, goodnight and stay safe.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Easy Harvest Meals

If you're a farm wife like me, who has to feed a crew of hungry guys during harvest, or just anyone looking for some easy meal ideas, this is the post for you!
This past harvest, I cooked on Tuesdays and Thursday. The guys had to bring their lunch the other days, but I decided to cook those two days cause everybody gets tired of a sandwich. To make things easier, I planned my meals and wrote the ingredients down before harvest. Every two weeks I would go to the store for the next two week's ingredients.
I got most of my recipes from Pinterest, but some were my ideas. I only took a picture of a few meals, but you can click on the link to see someone else's. All of these meals were good too, none were a flop! Sometimes I doubled or even tripled the recipe. I'll even include what else I served.
Served with mac n cheese, corn from our garden, and rolls.
Served with mashed potatoes and broccoli and cheese.
Served on buns with hashbrowns.
Served with baked beans, corn on cob, and bbq bread.
Served with fries.
Serve with collards from the garden, 7 Up Biscuits, and corn on the cob.
No recipe here. Just bought a family size frozen lasagna and served it with salad and breadsticks.
Served with chips.
Bought an appropriate size roast, put it in crockpot, added potatoes, carrots, and two cans of beefy mushroom soup. Cook til done. Serve with biscuits.

Serve on buns with chips.
Serve with green beans, corn, cranberry sauce, and rolls.
This is my recipe on my blog. Scroll down the post to find it. Serve with tortilla chips and cheese.
Serve with Texas Toast
Serve with cheese, crackers, and sour cream.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

It's Almost Halloween...'s not? You're right. I may have gotten my holidays mixed up. It may not be Halloween on the calendar, but it is on my blog! I always post our Halloween pics on here, and I'm always late. So, keeping with the tradition...Here they are!
Can you tell what we were? Cavemen and two dinosaurs! Since I have no idea how to make a homemade dino costume, I bought the kid's, but I made our cavemen outfits. How you ask? Oh, I splurged. Went all out. Bought a full size black bed sheet and two leopard print pillow cases. I cut a hole in the middle of the sheet, stuck it over Lance's head, and went to trimming. Lots of points. Cavemen love pointy stuff. I cut down the seams of one pillow case and wrapped it around Lance's waist and pinned it like a skirt. Then I tied it all up with some rope. I cut a diagonal across the closed end of the other pillow case, leaving a spot un-cut to hang on my shoulder. Then I cut a hole for my right arm. I cut jaggedy points at the bottom, cause you know, cavemen love pointy stuff. And don't forget our awesome accessories. Lance has a club. Reed has a small soft bat, and I covered it in crinkled paper bags. I have a bone in my hair, like every good cave woman should wear. I printed off an outline of a bone, cut it out, and glued it onto a small ruler to it would stick out straight. Tada! Instant cave family.
Our trunk or treat was moved inside cause of rain this year, so it was table or treat?? Anyways, I covered a table with a brown sheet, set a 13 gallon trash can on top, and covered it with a fitted brown sheet. Inside the trash can I put flicker flame lights and a red sheer table cloth. Used a box to sit it on. And you have yourself a volcano. Add some of Reed's thousands of dinosaurs, and watch the kids go nuts!

Here's an up close shot of some dinos, and Lance defending himself. That looks like an angry T-Rex.
Happy Halloween in the middle of January from the Millers!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Surprise Alabama Football Party!

So, on November 29th, my dad turned 60. It's not every day a person turns 60, so why shouldn't they have a party? Or better yet, a surprise party! Or even more better (is that a thing?) a surprise party at their house, set up while they were gone to church! Yep, that's what I did. Put all the stuff together at my house the day before, drove over an hour, snuck into my parent's house, and set up a party. Boy was he surprised! So surprised, in fact, when he drove up and saw all the cars, he kept driving! Thankfully, my mom convinced him to turn around, lol.

Here's how I decorated the party...
I made him this for the flower bed, so I thought I'd decorate with it first.

Outside the door was a "A" for everyone to sign. I had it made, and then I painted it.

Some of the table decorations...

I blew up 8 balloons, no, make that 9 cause one 1 popped. I don't think I've ever blown up 9 balloons in my life. I thought I was gonna die.
Football plates, and check out those "penalty flag" napkins, haha.

And now for the best part...the food!

My friend Brandy made the Alabama jersey cake. I'm terrible at decorating cakes. I decorated a cake that looked like a chicken once. I'm sure people thought it had the bird flu.

This is peanut butter football dip. You can get the recipe here.

I also made football brownies, parched peanuts, and a cranberry cheese "football".  I didn't get this recipe online, so here it is...
Cranberry Cheese Ball
3 oz pkgs cream cheese, softened
1 can crushed pineapple, drain
1 pkg Craisins
1 tsp lemon juice
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup confectioners sugar
1 cup chopped pecans
Mix all ingredients except nuts. Place in fridge for 1 hour. Form into shape. Add nuts. Cover and chill.

I also fixed boiled peanuts and little smokies (recipe here).
For drinks, we had coffee and "crimson" colored fruit punch Gatorade!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Post Harvest Update

Ok, a way, way post harvest update. We finished harvest right before Thanksgiving, and it's been non stop ever since!
The last field or two of our peanuts were frost bitten before we had a chance to invert them, but as a whole, the peanut crop was pretty good. (We could still invert them, just have to be careful).

We finally finished cotton harvest a couple days before Thanksgiving. It seemed to take forever! It was so dry the first part of picking, then, it wouldn't stop raining! Then it was freezing. Geeze!

This is a picture of me waiting in line behind the pickers to dump on the module builder. I drove the boll buggy tractor a lot the last couple weeks of harvest. (The boll buggy is like a grain cart for cotton).

There was another reason why this season wouldn't end. Stupid break downs. Notice anything wrong in the above picture? Yeah, I was following the module builder as we were moving it to a different field, when all the sudden the right wheel started wobbling and fell off. There's only two wheels on the thing, so if one is missing, that's a pretty big deal. We couldn't move it out of the road until it was repaired. Blocked the whole dang road too.
What happened a few days later? No, that's not the wheel from the module builder. That's a wheel from the boll buggy. I had just picked up a load of cotton and was on my way to dump it in the builder when I felt a weird bump. Looked behind me, and there was a wheel rolling across the field. We only had one more day of picking left, thankfully, so we didn't take time to fix it then.

Moon rise over the last module! Thankful for a good harvest, but more thankful that harvest is over!

For more info and pics on cotton or peanut harvest, check out this page on my blog